Tinto de Verano is a refreshing wine cocktail served all over Spain during the season

few weeks ago while in Spain, I was introduced to Tinto de Verano. Literally
translated, Tinto de Verano is the red wine of summer (“tinto” is
Spanish for red wine) and is a refreshing wine cocktail served all over
Spain during the season.

similar to sangria, Tinto de Verano – a beverage, which originated as a way to
sweeten slightly tart bodega wine – has less alcohol and is easier to make,
since there’s no fruit-chopping involved. You simply combine red wine with lemon
or orange soda and voilà. For those who find Tinto de Verano too sweet, just
add a splash of sparkling water or seltzer to dilute it a bit.

A wine beverage that combines red wine with lemon or orange soda.

popular wine cocktail found in Spain is Calimocho, which is the same idea, but
mixes red wine and cola. I have to admit I didn’t try the Calimocho, because
I’d read an
article in the New York Times about the drink
a few weeks earlier, and
thought, “but why?”  In all honesty,
I initially had the same thought about Tinto de Verano. But after a few hours
of sightseeing in Seville in 40 ºC (104 ºF) temps, I found it to be the perfect
drink to enjoy on a hot afternoon; its low alcohol content is thirst-quenching,
but not buzz-inducing.
don’t know if I’ll be making Tinto de Verano now that I’m home; I’m content to
enjoy a pink wine of summer. During those sweltering afternoons in Seville,
however, Tinto de Verano was the way to go.