Skipping the sandals and adding walking boots makes this perfect for a safari


There is a safari outfit circulating on Pinterest via that is so cute. A great pair of pants and belt, basic but versatile tee and fab accessories. It is absolutely perfect. Except for those sandals. Don’t get me wrong, those sandals are also very cute and just the thing to wear if you’re going to a safari-themed party. But if you’re going on an actual safari, in the bush, even one that’s kinda luxurious, leave the cute sandals at home, or at least save them for wearing around the camp.

When you go on a safari, you should pack practical clothes that will shield you from insects, sun and other environmental factors. So the neutral colored, and very stylish pants and top will definitely work.  However, think hiking or walking boots with a thick sole, as opposed to sandals.

Other things to pack are clothes that can be layered, such as t-shirts, which can be worn alone in the summer or as a
layer in the winter, and long sleeve shirts, to provide sun protection as well as warmth.  Since it is chilly during the
early morning and sundowner drives, it is advisable to bring a fleece.
These neutral-colored pieces are both stylish and practical.
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If you’re going on a summer safari, considering packing shorts and swimsuits, and for winter months pack sweaters, gloves and a heavy winter athletic coat. ALWAYS wear a wide brimmed hat, protective sunglasses, and sunscreen and lip balm. Sunscreen and insect repellent should be applied before going out, and reapplied during the day.
Have you ever been on safari? What packing tips would you add?