While organizing my closet recently, I came to the realization – or rather, finally admitted – that I’ve got a lot of clothes. Not only do I have a lot of clothes, I have a lot of really cute clothes that I don’t wear much. They just hang in the closet waiting for those times when the journey is a little more exotic than say, the daily school run. Enough of that. My goal this year is to shop my closet and wear my clothes.

Those who follow me on Instagram may remember that I mentioned getting creative and possibly doing a “30 days 30 outfits” kinda thing. And while I’m definitely still thinking about that, this is not that project. It is, however, an attempt to restart the “wear to where” posts I did briefly in 2011.

I’m going to Marrakesh this weekend, and on the itinerary is to further my quest to run the world by participating in the Marrakesh Half Marathon and also to check out this city that has been on my list for a very long time.

According to the forecast, it is much warmer in Marrakesh than it is in Holland, so I’ll get to ditch my long undies, snow boots and big, down coat and show a little skin. A very little, mind you. It is still January and Morocco is a Muslim country.

I’ll be gone for four days during which time, I’ll be running, meandering through Marrakesh, and there may be an occasion or two to go out. Based on this itinerary, this is what I packed:

A yellow sequin top, paired with boot leg jeans. I’m traveling in this outfit, and have to get out of Holland, where it’s freezing cold, and because I’m always cold anyway, I’ll wear this blue sweater, which will make another appearance later in the trip.

The accessories are earrings that tie the top and sweater together and a safety pin bracelet with yellow beads, a souvenir I picked up on my travels.

The black maxi skirt is a travel favorite. It’s simple and I can be casual and comfortable without being in jeans. I’ve combined it with a black and white polka dot sweater and added a splash of color with the flower and belt.

The mint green skirt, white blouse and fluffy, floral peach vest combo was given the seal of approval by some of my friends on Instagram. A wide, platinum belt and multi-colored bead necklace finish off the look.

For the evening I packed a black pencil skirt, an embellished tank and making another appearance is the platinum belt. I’ll top it off with either the denim or leather jackets I brought.

For the race I’ll wear a bright pink top with multi-colored running skirt over black capris. The mornings look to be kind of cool, so I also packed arm warmers, which I can just roll down if I get too warm.

After the race, I’ll still have several hours in Marrakesh before my flight, so I’ll clean up, and wear the jeans and blue sweater again, swapping the yellow sequence top for a blue and brown halter top.

I think that about covers it, and me for this trip. What do you think of my choices?