Today June 1, is National Running Day, an annual event that allows runners to shout from the mountaintop their passion for running.  While NRD is not celebrated in Europe where I live, in the spirit of solidarity with the worldwide running community of which I am a proud member, I proudly put in some miles. The National Running Day organizers asked participants to share their reasons for running.  Here are mine:
5. I run because I like food.  In times past I was able to eat large quantities of whatever I wanted because I ran.  These days, however, I run because I eat.  And after a long winter filled with fat-laden comfort foods, it’s time to pick up the pace and crank up the mileage.
4. I run for the camaraderie.  Whether it’s my long time running partner who was both my coach and biggest cheerleader when I ran my first marathon last fall, or my virtual running buddies on Twitter and dailymile who have proven to be a surprising source of motivation and encouragement, running friends rock!
3. I run because I must. It gets my blood flowing and my brain churning.  Things always seem much clearer after a good run.
2. I run because I’m a mother.  I am leading my example, showing my children the importance of keeping one’s body strong and healthy. I also want them to understand that it’s not about finishing first – which, if I’m completely honest, will never happen – it’s just about finishing.
1. I run because I can. I may not be the fastest runner, but I eventually cross the finish line.  And to prove Audrey Hepburn right, that “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’”.
Happy National Running Day!  Now get out there and get your run on!