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As the temperatures cool and
autumn settles in the air, I’m already plotting my getaway to someplace with
warmer climes. Someplace in the south of Europe. Someplace like Alicante.

the name sounds hot, like caliente. Located in the Costa Blanca region of
, Alicante’s coastal areas are said to have the best climatic conditions
in all of Spain. Sounds like the perfect place to have my next #MyVuelingCity* adventure, especially since Vueling flies to Alicante from most major European cities. In addition to the wonderful weather, here
are three more reasons why I’m dreaming of Alicante.

Palmeral de Elche. Photo credit: Google images
1. Palm Trees – I’ve said it
before, there is just something about a palm tree. The California girl in me
just can’t resist them. Palmeral de Elche in Alicante is the palm
tree capital of the world
. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has more than 11,000
palm trees
, many as old as 300 years old. So yeah, I’m thinking this place will
totally satisfy my palm tree jones.
2. Wine – Despite being
overshadowed by other wine regions in Spain, including its neighbor, Valencia,
Alicante has a rich winemaking history that spans many centuries. By the 15th
century Alicante wines, most notably Fondillón, were famous throughout Europe and referenced in literature and history as
Edmond Dantès, a
character from The Count of Monte Cristo, drank wine from Alicante, and
France’s King Louis XIV is rumored to have refused all wines except those from
Alicante on his deathbed. I enjoy wines from Rioja and Navarra as much as the
next oenophile, but if the wines from Alicante are good
enough for a count and a king, I’ll give them a try. Salud!
3. Shoes – While its fascinating
to know that there are 9 million bicycles in Beijing, I’m much more interested
in the fact that there are 1000 shoe factories in Elche in Alicante!!! Did you get that?
ONE THOUSAND!!! AND Elche is home to the largest shoe/footwear factory outlet
in Europe
!!  So now I have 1,002 reasons
why I’m dreaming of Alicante. I don’t think Alicante is losing too much sleep
over not being the big man on campus when it comes to wine, because that 1000
shoe factory thing – ONE THOUSAND – is tantamount to having Fort Knox in your
Maybe after my shoe-shopping orgy,
I’ll take time to visit the museum dedicated to making shoes.
It’ll be good to mix in a bit of
culture along with swaying amongst the palm trees, drinking Fondillón and buying shoes, don’t you
Have you ever been to Alicante? What are
your must-see and must-do suggestions? 

* This post was written in partnership with Vueling Airlines. All opinions and dreams are my own.