I’m always hoping
to get the perfect picture of a building or moment or whatever “must-see” site, and for me this means not having people in the frame. This is a virtually impossible feat, especially in squares, plazas or
piazzas, which are always crowded with people.

But sometimes people enhance the
picture, showing that while some of us are traveling around, visiting this
monument and that one, going from one cathedral to the next, and checking
places off of our list of things to see in that particular destination, the
locals continue to live their lives, trying their best to ignore us.

If we’re
lucky we might be privy to a moment or two in the life of a local. This has
happened to me a few times, and instead of wishing people would hurry up and move,
I find myself praying that they stay there long enough so that I can get a
great photo. Like the time I was visiting the Cathedral of Valencia and saw a
little girl on her way to her first communion and the bride who was gracious
enough to stop and pose for all the camera-wielding paparazzi-like tourists (myself included).
Or, most recently, when I spotted the handsome bride and groom taking photos in Lisbon
at Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square), the
beautiful square on the Tagus River. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect picture.  
 Do you mind
if people are in the pictures you take when you travel or do you prefer the
frame to be people-free

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