The nickel and diming of customers by the airlines continues.  Now it’s with in-flight entertainment.  On a recent flight with an airline that shall remain nameless (United),  I was presented with some of the crappiest in-flight entertainment choices I’ve seen in a while.  To add insult to injury, customers – in economy, of course – are offered premium entertainment channels for an additional fee.  One of the offerings on the premium channel was the kids channels, featuring all of my children’s Disney favorites, like Good Luck Charlie and Phineas and Ferb.  I, of course, chose not to go with the premium option, leaving my girls to get their Disney fix with “Cars“, that Disney classic from, like 5 years ago, that was featured on United’s “basic cable”channel.

While it is true that it was a night flight and my children were going to sleep most of the flight, as opposed to watch videos.  And while it is also true that their backpacks were filled with books, paper, crayons, iPods and Nintendos with the intention of keeping them entertained during our transatlantic flight and to help them “enjoy the journey”,   that’s not the point. The point is that at every turn, the economy class customer seems to be losing ground.   We are charged baggage fees, placed in smaller seats with less legroom, charged for food and now, for decent in-flight entertainment.

Oh, did I mention the incredible shrinking blanket?  The blanket supplied by the airline was about the size of a scarf.  Even Miss P asked “why is this so small?”  Just as with entertainment and food, I follow the BYO principle. However, it just serves as another example of airlines giving you less bang for your buck.

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