I was in San Francisco, I couldn’t help but feel that things were looking up.
That’s probably because all I did while I was there was look up: I looked up to
admire the stunning architecture of the skyscrapers (looking like the
consummate tourist in the process). I looked up the Peter Macchirini Steps that
lead to the historic Coit Tower. I looked up at the clock tower of the Ferry Building.
But mostly I looked up the city’s numerous and unbelievably steep hills
wondering if I really had the will to climb them in an effort to further
explore the city.

out I did have the will, and my iPhone, which I used to take pictures along the
way, posting them to Instagram.
San Francisco

atop Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower apparently provides stellar panoramic views of
the city. I say apparently because we were not able to see these views for
ourselves since the building was closed for renovation. The views from Pioneer
Park, which surrounds the tower were pretty nice and made the climb up that
point worth it.
from Coit Tower using the stairs of Telegraph Hill. Did I mention there are 400
of them? But it’s downhill and there are beautiful gardens and flora along so
the way you won’t even notice.
California Street Cable Car
I couldn’t
wait to ride one of San Francisco’s iconic cable cars and jumped on the
California Street line, which stopped a couple of blocks from my hotel.
San Francisco's Chinatown

east to west the cable car starts at the Financial District and passes through
Portsmouth Square (where the American flag was
first raised over California in 1846), Chinatown – the largest outside of Asia
and the oldest in North America
– and over Nob Hill.

I got off the cable car at Nob Hill to see Grace Cathedral and forgot
momentarily that I was in America.
Grace Cathedral

The third largest Episcopal cathedral in the
US has lots of European touches, from its design that is reminescient of Notre Dame
of Paris, with its twin towers, high roof, and curved top, the labyrinths, one of which is based on the medieval
labyrinth of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres in Chartres, France and its

Ghilberti's Gates of Paradise, Grace Catherdral

famed Gates of Paradise, which are an exact size
replica of the ones of the Florence Baptistry by Lorenzo Ghiberti.

, with its upscale stores and hotels, is one of the top shopping areas
in the US. Since I wasn’t in San Francisco very long, shopping was not a
priority, but I enjoyed doing a little window-shopping and people watching as I
strolled toward the Ferry Building.
Ferry Building

One of the most prominent buildings in the San Francisco skyline is the
Ferry Building. Originally
opened in 1898, the building was renovated and reopened in 2003 and is now one
of the city’s most popular destinations, and houses a farmer’s market as well as a
number of restaurants and shops.  

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