Race bib and 40th Anniversary medal for CPC Loop
The 40th anniversary of the City-Pier-City Loop, commonly referred to as the “CPC Loop”, was
my most recent running adventure. This race is in my hometown and while I don’t consider that running the world (why not, since The Hague is in the world, right?), I am running my world, since the course includes part of my regular running route, and through my neighborhood.

The little ladies were able to walk half a block from our house to cheer me on as I ran the half marathon portion of the event. Too bad I was too fast and had already run past the spot by the time they got there.

The C&C of CPC loop
Runners in Schevenegin during CPC loop
 I’ve mentioned before that one of the reasons I love the CPC is because it is the symbolic beginning of
spring for me since it seems that the day of the race is the first warm and sunny day of the year, and that was certainly the case this year. In fact, the 18C/64F was one for the books, making it the hottest CPC in a
. Something else for the books: my time, which was by no means fast, it is my best finish in about 5 years, so I was pretty happy.
Running the World: CPC Loop