As I mentioned in a recent post, I have still been running the world. However, I haven’t run a race since April when I ran the Milano City Marathon relay. That’s going to change soon.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be participating in three running events, in three different countries.
First up is Rock ‘n’ Roll Lisbon. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, which is wildly popular in the US, made its debut in Europe earlier this year. The tour is coming to Lisbon at the end on
September 30, with a half marathon headlining, and a mini-marathon covering 5.5 km as the supporting act.
The following week I’ll be playing dirty during the Mud Master Obstacle Run just outside of Amsterdam. I was signed up for a similar event called Warrior Dash in London in June, but it was canceled, so I’m glad I’ll finally get a chance to do one of these crazy runs and so close to home. There was the option to sign up for the 7.5-mile or 3.5 course. I choose the latter. I don’t mind running through the mud, but I can’t risk getting injured while navigating all those obstacles. I’ve got other races to finish. Besides, I’m kind of a wuss. A 3.5-mile obstacle run is plenty.
 The next race is a month later, and it’s a full marathon. Not just any marathon, but the Marathon Des Alpes-Maritimes aka The French Riviera Marathon. This is one of the races offered as one of the
Flying Blue Running marathon specials, the first race I’ll be running as the Flying Blue Running blogger, and one I’ve been eyeing for a while.
I’ve run in Nice a lot, including along the promenade and in 2011, the Nice Half Marathon. But running along the French Riviera, passing all the famous seaside towns, each more glamorous than the last, très chic, non?
The quest to run the world continues…