I always say “enjoy the journey“. I need to practice what I preach because right now I am absolutely dreading the not only the idea of the journey but the destination as well, which is skiing.  Just to bring you up to speed,  I am SO over the cold and snow, and I don’t ski.

We usually drive to our destination – in the past that’s been Austria or France –  leaving Holland on Saturday and driving most of the day before stopping and staying over somewhere and finishing the drive to the ski resort on Sunday.

This year we are not driving. Instead we are taking the ICE (Inter City Express) train to the ski resort and flying back.  We are going for a week of skiing, so there’s no such thing as packing light. Ski gear is combursome and bulky, and the idea of taking the train – with 3 transfers mind you – while shuttling all of our stuff and kids has me less than thrilled.

I may be getting my feathers in a ruffle over nothing. I should approach this trip the same way I did when I’d travel alone with two small kids: just suck it up. Getting there is the hardest part, but once we are at our destination, there’s lots of great stuff waiting on the other side. If you don’t count the skiing, or the snow, or the cold…

All I can do is follow my own advice and suck it up and enjoy the journey.



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