The world’s biggest wicker basket can be found in Nowy Tomyśl, Poland

the center of Nowy Tomyśl, situated in western part of Wielkopolska (Greater
Poland) sits the world’s biggest wicker basket. Yes, that’s a thing. Wickerwork
has long been a practice in Nowy Tomyśl and the town is a well-known industrial
and artistic design center of the material, using wicker to make things such as
furniture and hats, which is often exported. 

But Nowy Tomyśl wanted to do
something more than give the world wicker furniture and hats. So in 2000, to
celebrate the turn of the century wicker basket was woven that was so huge, it
earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

“Tomys” sits on "wicker promenade" in Poland

Polish wicker-working town also has a “wicker promenade” that takes you on a
route decorated with various objects made from wicker, such as house fronts,
flowerbeds, umbrellas, even a wonderful wicker person named “Tomys”.
out wicker is a very versatile and practical material. Who knew?

Disclosure: I visited Nowy Tomyśl as a guest of Polish National Tourist Office. All opinions were my own.