A view of the Western Wall and Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

It’s been less than a year ago since my first trip to Israel, and I am already making a return visit. When I went last winter, I traveled on my own to run the Jerusalem marathon. This time Israel is the destination for my family’s annual winter vacation, which means Mr. Man and the little ladies are joining me. As interesting as I found Israel to be, with its religious and historical significance, and when I visited previously thought how nice it would be to experience it with my family, I didn’t necessarily expect it to happen the same year. But things happen, and the thing that happened – a pretty cool thing – was we were invited to Miss P’s BFF’s Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem.

Our time in Israel will be divided between Jerusalem, where in addition to attending the Bat Mitzvah, we’ll tour the Old and New City and visit a museum or two, and Tel Aviv where we will explore Old Jaffa as well as the more modern part of the city. We also hope to meet up with a young woman who used to babysit the little ladies before moving back to Tel Aviv. We’ll then leave Israel and go Jordan, a place I’ve long wanted to go.  

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