I am SAD. I suffer from Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and although I’ve not felt as sad this year I have in the past, the last week has sucked. Just when I thought I’d made it through the battle of grey skies unscathed, March madness arrived. I was mentally preparing myself for the end of winter and looking forward to sunny days. I’ve even seen a few flowers emerging. But then, PSYCHE! The already grey skies have gotten darker and the wind has decided to join in, turning the ever present rain sideways.
On this wet, cold and windy morning, I had no incentive to get out. Mr. Man was on carpool duty, and 3 of my favorite t.v. shows were waiting for me on the dvr. I got a cup of hot tea, snuggled in my favorite chair with a throw and the remote control with every intention of shirking all my plans and responsibilities and just wallow.
Grocery store? Not today. The gym my ass. But, oh yeah, I’m trying to shrink it (well, not really shrink it, just tone it so that I can be seriously bootylicious). And let’s be real. It wouldn’t have been long before I emerged from said chair and gone into the kitchen in search of something deliciously comforting, i.e. FATTENING, thus totally blowing my diet and making me sadder than I was in the beginning. Not to mention that 10k I signed up for this weekend (but not if it rains – I don’t run in the rain). So I dragged myself to the gym and logged 10k on the treadmill. And since I was already out, I went to the grocery store.