Remember the classic ad campaign that said M&M’s “melt in your mouth not in your hands“? Well, after visiting M&M’s World in London, I will add that several floors of expensive M&M’s paraphanelia  kinda melts your brain, not to mention your wallet. And yet there we were. 

In the middle of Leiscter Square, an area filled with theaters and cafes,  this 35,000 square feet store selling M&Ms products and merchandise is now also considered entertainment. But how could you not be? You are not just like a kid in a candy store, you literally are.

As you enter the store, hop on the double-decker bus that goes in the direction of “4 levels of fun”, pass portraits of M&M’s as famous British figures, and take advantage of the numerous photo ops with giant M&M’s, many dressed as or posed in ways that are unmistakably British.

Entry into the largest candy store in the world is free, but  it will cost you to get out. Who knew you could go onto a shop filled with M&M’s and lose that many pounds?! Weight Watchers be damned!    

While I couldn’t very well take my kids in there and not buy anything, I was determined that I was not going to fall victim to paying a lot of money for plush M&M’s toys or clothing, and I stuck to my guns in that regard. Instead, I paid through the nose for M&M’S in pretty colors that came out of the wall dispenser.

When the little ladies were asked what their favorite moments in London have been, this ranked in the top 3 for both. 

I guess it’s like another ad campaign reminds us, you can buy lots of things (preferably with their credit card), but some moments are priceless.