Love locks on the Ponte Passerelle Solfino in Paris France
Love and Paris are seemingly inseparable, thanks in no small part to the many books, movies and music that perpetuate romantic notions of the city. While in the City of Lights (and love) not long ago, we went to several of the places where people often make grand gestures of love, including the Eiffel Tower and Ponte Passerelle Solfino.

The Ponte Passerelle Solfino is one of several bridges in Paris filled with the “love locks” of lovers who inscribe their names on a padlock and secure it onto the bridge before throwing the key into the Seine River as a symbol of their undying love. It was initially a
romantic ritual performed by couples, but that’s no longer the case. BFFs like Priscilla
of Weekend in Paris and travel blogging buddies Leah and Lola are locking up their love and throwing away the key, as are tourists who place a lock on the bridge to symbolize their love for Paris. Even families are getting in on it, and since I was there with the little ladies, we decided to
put one on for our family.

Miss P and Miss V were giddy about participating in this little ceremony. One wrote our name and date on the lock, the other put the lock onto the bridge and each got to throw one of the two keys that came with the lock into the river.

Securing our love lock onto the Ponte Passerelle Solfino
Throwing the key over the Ponte Passerelle Solfino

Before leaving the bridge, Miss P declared that she can’t wait to visit Paris again to see if she can find our lock.

Locks of love on the Ponte Passerelle Solfino in Paris France
Considering our lock was probably covered by several others before the day was even over, and the fact that local lawmakers want to cut the locks from the bridge every few months for fear that the weight of the metal will compromise the integrity of the bridge, I very unlikely that the lock will be
There’s no need to be sad, however. As someone once said, “we’ll always have Paris”, even if our
lock doesn’t make the cut.