The thought of running a marathon has long been in the back of my mind. However the thought has been increasingly dominating my thoughts over the last few months.  A regular runner for years,  have run several 10K’s and half-marathons including the Paris-Versailles Run and the Rotterdam Half-Marathon last fall.

Not long after those autumn races, I was sidelined from running with a case of Plantar Fasciitis and a major case of winter laziness brought my entire workout regime to a halt. The desire to get back into my running groove after a long winter’s hibernation and recovery from injury, as well as a milestone birthday on the horizon have made me think that the time to run a marathon is now.

I recently told a fellow runner about my marathon aspirations and she asked, “Do you know your ‘why’? You’ll need to know your why to get past mile 20.”  The why, like the decision to run the marathon, has been slowly revealing itself for the past several months.  Quite simply, I need to discipline myself, in every aspect of my life, not only with respect to running and exercise.  And I hope, I pray, that training for and running 26.2 miles will help to reestablish the discipline my life has been lacking of late.
So the clock is ticking.  In approximately 3 months I will run the Amsterdam.  I have many reasons for choosing this race: I ran my first half marathon there 10 years ago; I live in the Netherlands and the Amsterdam marathon is becoming increasingly popular, favored by those looking for a high profile, international destination race; the flat course is scenic and fast and as the Netherlands Travel and Lifestyle Examiner and Ms. Wooden Shoes how could I not?
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