As I constantly search for ways to travel lighter, a few products have been suggested to me, one being the fanny pack. Word on the street is that it is making a comeback. As much as I like to go, I refuse to go there. Then Karen from PAK BARA sent me their product to try. Though I initially used it for running, I have recently discovered it’s very useful for everyday running around when I only want to take the bare necessities, such as car keys, cash and a mobile phone.
Made of water-resistant material, PAK BARA is nothing if not functional. It has four interior pockets, perfect for holding a license, credit cards or cash, an outside pocket with reflective piping and four ports – two on the top and two on the bottom – which allow easy access for electronics. Choose from a variety of styles and colors (I’m partial to the leopard print) add an armband, legband or holster clip for your pouch and as PAK BARA says, “just go!”
The only drawback with PAK BARA is that it is a little too small. I’ve tried using it for running, but when I plug the earphones into my iPhone I can’t zip the pouch all the way. This is a minor drawback, and I haven’t had anything fall out, however I think it’s worth mentioning. I should also note that this was only the case with my iPhone and not my iPod nano.
PAK BARA is available on their website for $32.99.