It’s just under 3 weeks before the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon, race numbers and waiver forms have been made available online and I am still working out my race plan. Here’s what I’ve got so far:
Start: The race starts at 5:45 am, so my first plan of attack is to not sleep through it.  Next, I have to figure out my pre-race fueling plan? Do I get up at 4am, eat something light and give it time to digest or do I run on an empty stomach? What time should I go to sleep to be adequately rested? How much sleep will I actually get when you factor in pre-race jitters, jet-lag and, let’s be real, the euphoria of being on my own for a couple of days. But it’s not like I’m a party girl and how much is going to be jumping off at DisneyWorld into the wee hours of the morning anyway?
Pacing: While I’d like to improve my pace, is this the venue to do it?  Am I really trying to bust out a pr at DisneyWorld? The previous question, by the way, is rhetorical as my training up to this point has not been of the record setting nature, unless of course, we’re talking pr for slowest race run. Now that I could do.  Or should I just use this as a fun training run in preparation for the next race I’m scheduled to run few weeks later?
Disney's Princess Half Marathon
Expectations: I should probably just be honest with myself.  I mean really. I’m presently busy matching my running shoes with my tutu and trying to figure out how to keep my tiara on during the race.   Why even bother with a race chip or my Garmin, especially since neither match the tutu?
Maybe I will just run the race at a reasonable pace, meet some great ladies along the way and complete an unforgettable race at the happiest place in the earth. Now THAT sounds like a plan.