I don’t go for that whole tourist vs traveler foolishness, but if I did, we’d definitely be in the tourist camp. This isn’t our first time to NYC, but it is the first visit the Little Ladies can remember.  They are beyond excited about visiting and we have lots of things we plan to tick off of our “tourists guide to New York” list.

We took the Vamoose Bus from DC at 8am and arrived in New York just past noon. After checking into our hotel and dropping off our bags, we grabbed lunch at a hot dog stand.

We were hungry, but didn’t want anything to heavy because we would be having afternoon tea at the American Girl Doll Cafe a couple of hours later.

finished our hot dogs, then did some more last minute shopping before
tea (which is a post all its own). After tea, it was time to go back to
our hotel, but not before making a stop at another.

A couple of weeks before our trip, I showed the little ladies our hotel on a map when Miss P asked “Is that a fancy hotel? Why aren’t we staying at The Plaza?” While we won’t be living at The Plaza like Eloise, even temporarily, we can’t go to NYC and not see it.

We walk to The Plaza, and as soon as it comes into view I think, “No, the hotel where we are staying is DEFINITELY not fancy”, at least not by The Plaza standards (though The Parker Meridien is trendy and stylish).

Not only is the hotel fancy, it’s crowded, with lots of “posers” – us included – taking pictures in front of the hotel and in the lobby, and while we were there, we encounter another family with two daughters doing the Eloise tour as well.

After our first day in New York and tea at the American Girl Doll Cafe and seeing The Plaza, I have two very happy little ladies who can’t wait to discover what else the Big Apple has to offer.

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