As much as I enjoy traipsing the world in search of fun and enriching
cultural experiences, I also try to balance that with taking advantage of the
wonderful cultural offerings in Holland. One of the things that’s good
in my ‘hood is The National Ballet (Het Nationale Ballet) in Amsterdam, considered
by some to be one of the leading ballet companies in the world

Mr. Man, the
little ladies and I have gone to a performance every season for the past several years, and this weekend we went to see the company’s staging of Don Quixote.
The dancing, music and costumes were exquisite, as always, though Miss V did
inform us that of the ballets she’s seen, this was the one she liked the least. At 3 hours (with 2 intermissions), it was certainly one of the longest she’s seen, and the themes were more complicated than The Nutcracker or Giselle, so I get that she was kind of restless. 
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