When I travel, I sometimes find it can be hard to find the time to fit running into a daily schedule. If I am traveling for work, my schedule is usually packed with meetings and conferences, and when I go on vacation to briefly escape a busy life to get some much needed rest and relaxation, sleeping late or lounging on the beach is a much more tempting proposition than going for a run.

As hard as it may be, maintaining my running schedule while traveling is an enjoyable addition to my travel itinerary. When I travel to meeting or conferences, I find that running is the only way to see the city outside of the hotel and conference room and when I travel for pleasure, running is a great way to explore a city and to find places that I want to explore later. It also helps me feel less guilty about indulging in the local cuisine wherever I am.

Here are a few easy ways to help ensure that traveling doesn’t disrupt  your running.

Find a Route 

Many hotels provide running maps or route cards, making finding someplace to run simple. A GPS device or the many running apps available on the market are good tools to use to find a running route. Don’t forget about the route you discover while getting lost at your destination.


Run a Race

This is by far one of my favorite ways to combine traveling and running. Race routes usually take you through the most scenic and interesting parts of a city, as was the case in Istanbul and Lisbon.

Running Tours or Groups

Running tours are another fun option in some places.  As with a race, you get to take in the scenery, but with a personalized guide and because it’s a small group, there’s none of the pushing and shoving that you often get in a race. Another option is to find a local running group. This is a great opportunity to meet and spend time with people who share your interests and the perfect way to get some insider tips on the destination.




While I prefer to run outside and enjoy races and running tours, sometimes I just need to log some miles. Many hotels offer free fitness centers on-site, with treadmills. While this is not very fancy or exciting, on those occasions when you need to “run and be done”, a treadmill is all you need.

Do you maintain your running routine when you travel? Do you make use of the hotel treadmill or run outside? Have you ever done a running tour or race while traveling?
Tell us your travel running tips in the comments.

Note: *This article originally appeared on Flying Blue Running