The little ladies and I are on the move in Southern California. After day tripping to Balboa Island earlier in our trip, we went further south to San Diego. The last time I was in San Diego was for BlogHer 2 years ago, but the last time the little ladies were there, they were tiny: Miss P was 2 2 1/2 and Miss V just a couple of months old when we took the train from Los Angeles to San Diego to go to Sea World. The fact that I boarded a train with an infant and a toddler (my mom was with us, by the way) to go to Sea World – an outing they would not remember- proves how strong wanderlust can be,and that post-partum delirium is real.

My mom accompanied us again this time, along with my nieces, Miss T and Miss Y and their mother for what I assume would be a more memorable trip to Sea World.

The amusement park, located just a few minutes from downtown San Diego, does not have many ‘rides’ but the few that are there were a lot of fun. We started on Journey to Atlantis, a combination flume ride and roller coaster that gets right to the point, with a 60-foot plunge that gets the riders absolutely soaked. Well, those who sit in the front, like all of the little ladies. I sat in the back and emerged from the ride only slightly damp.

Another ride that proved to be a big hit was the Manta, a launch coaster shaped like a Manta ray. This ride is combined with a marine-life exhibit which Miss V, Miss T, my mom and I, while Miss P, Miss Y and her mother took a ride on the twisty, turning roller coaster.

When we weren’t on the rides we were watching some of the fun shows. The
little ladies and I are big fans of Cirque du Soleil, so the Cirque de la Mer, with its giant floating stage, beautiful costumes and amazing acrobatics, did not disappoint. Following the show, we visited the aquarium de mer and Miss P and Miss V got took a picture with the cast of the show.

Another show we saw was Madagascar Live: Operation Vacation. The recently opened show features the cast of the film and a live band singing classic songs from the film as well as some original tunes. I found the show disappointing as did Miss P. The band was, meh, and only half of the Madagascar crew was represented. Marty and Melman where MIA. But honestly, I don’t think their presence would have made much difference.

The show Sea Lions Live is a Sea World classic and as always, was a hoot. One of the human hosts, Biff, almost upstaged the sea lions with his antics. Although we went to the dolphin experience area and got to see them frolicking around, we didn’t make it to the actual show. We also didn’t go to the Shamu show. Who goes to Sea World and doesn’t see Shamu? That would be us. But in our defense, there was only one show and it was at 9:30 (really SeaWorld?) and people were worn out by then. And not just the little ladies.

Have you ever been to Sea World? What was your favorite show or ride?