De Parade arts and theater festival in Holland
The little ladies and I
recently joined some friends for an afternoon at De Parade, a performing arts festival that
travels around The Netherlands. A delightful combination of fair, circus, and
theater, De Parade travels through four major Dutch cities – Rotterdam,
, Utrecht
and Amsterdam
– pitching colorful tents in parks and squares and staging a succession of
theater, musical and dance performances, bands and children’s shows.
In addition to theater and
musical performances, De Parade offers traditional fair rides and amusements, a
smorgasbord of international culinary cuisine ranging from poffertjes to soul
food and an extensive program for children known as Kinderparade.
De Parade arts festival in Holland
Miss P and Miss V went to
the event during its stop in The Hague, taking advantage of something good in our ‘hood. The little ladies enjoyed
some of the rides, like the swing that goes round and round, while my
friend’s daughter expressed herself through
Pannekoeken art at De Parade in Holland

I loved all of the colorfulness of it all, especially the lady in red, with the red bike with the apple peeling station attached. 

Random, I know, but eye-catching nonetheless. Though I do wonder how many people actually bought what she was peddling (pun intended). Are peeled apples a hot commodity?

Rides and amusements at De Parade arts and theater festival in Holland
The 7.50 Euro ticket will
gain you admittance to the fair 
(children under 12 are free), but an additional fee must be paid
individually for shows and performances. Tickets for admittance and individual
shows can be purchased online at