Telescope cafe in Paris makes great coffee

While there are an infinite number of things I love about Paris, the coffee is not one of them. All of those wonderful cafes in Paris were good for ambiance and people watching, but a decent cup of coffee, not so much. After having a few too many bitter cups of coffee topped with a dollop of chantilly masquerading as cappuccinos at otherwise respectable restaurants and cafes, I decided that when I was in Paris I’d go to one of the countless Starbucks around town to get my coffee.
But a recent article in the Conde Nast Traveler claimed that there are a few new cafes in town with great ambiance, people watching AND coffee. One of these places is Telescope.

This tiny cafe, tucked away on a side street not far from the Louvre served up the best cappuccino I’ve ever had in Paris. They also have a selection of delicious cakes, cookies, pastries. I also had and yogurt with granola, which is what I had and recommend. The granola is homemade, sold on the premises and absolutely delicious.

There was only one person working on a Saturday morning, while a long line of people waited, but since coffee is now back on the list of things I love about Paris, however, the wait was worth it.