Like I’ve said before, there’s nothing like a well-curated exhibition
featuring clothes
or handbags
to extend my 90-minute museum attention span. 
Thus I easy wiled away the afternoon traveling through The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to Catwalk.
The first international exhibiton of Gaultier’s work is currently being shown
at the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, which seems a perfect fit
for his signature nautical stripes. 

The exhibition is a journey into the world of Gaultier whose creations
aren’t just seen on sidewalks and catwalks, but on the stage and screen as
well. More than 140 of Gaultier’s original creations are presented in 6 themed
sections in a multimedia extravaganza that includes fashion show recordings,
films, sketches, photographs and mannequins that come to life with the help of
audiovisual projections.

The journey begins with The Odyssey,
where virgins, sailors and mermaids, commonly seen in his collections, take
center stage. 

Next is The Boudouir,
where Gaultier’s corset fetish and Madonna’s famous conical bra are on display. 

Skin Deep showcases the designer’s fascination with the human body and evokes
another Dutch city, as mannequins pose in large windows lit by red lights. 

pays homage to the Parisian dancers and London’s punk subculture, 

while Urban Jungle shows Gaultier’s love of ethnic cultures. The last section, Metropolis, shows Gaultier’s foray into pop culture and multimedia.

After you’ve gone through the exhibition, pop into the pop-up museum shop
where you can find Gaultier books, bags and other baubles, and the museum café
where servers clad in navy stripes will serve you a Coca-Cola also dressed for
the occasion.

The exhibition ends its run in
Rotterdam May 12, 2013. Visit the website for more information.