I can’t believe we are awaiting the arrival of a new year. How can 2012 be over already?! It seems like just yesterday my family and I were in Zambia, celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Zambezi Sun Resort.

We were only there a couple of days; just long enough to see the famous Victoria Falls following our Botswana safari adventure. But since we were there on New Year’s Eve, we decided to join in the party at the resort.

The elegant black and silver decor transformed the drab conference room into a stylish ball room, where we were treated to an evening of entertainment from a young woman who plays the electric

violin is and one of Zambia’s most popular recording artists, and by a live cover band and DJ.

The buffet included everything from salads and pasta, to more exotic fare, such as crocodile tail steaks.

Just before the clock stuck midnight, with everybody on the dance-floor for the final countdown, the DJ put on the Black-Eyed Peas’ “I Got a Feeling” and cranked up the volume.


The BEP’s were right: it was a good night, as were the rest of the nights and days in 2012. I’m looking forward to more good ones in 2013.