I made my way onto the crowded southbound train, in the direction of the festivities. Though Carnival events were happening in many of the cities and towns in the south of Holland, I choose Den Bosch,

mostly because it was the closest and easiest to get to. Carnival celebrants dressed in outlandish costumes brandishing their brass instruments and open cans of beer didn’t bother to wait until the train arrived at its destination.
They started the party in route. 

The costumes aren’t like the ones in Rio or New Orleans, which are known for being scant and sexy.

The tempartures are much too chilly for that.  Instead people dress up as any and everything, from Teletubbies to prisoners to storybook characters.  Many come in nothing more extravagant than wigs and painted faces.  Speaking of painted faces, I even saw a little Zwarte Piet, much to my delight. NOT!!!

There wasn’t so much catching of beads around here as probably catching of colds, since the weather was slightly above freezing.  But no one was complaining, other than me.  The Dutch love a good party, and there are few better than one that lasts for 3 days. Alaaf!!

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