The Rijksmusuem, Amsterdam

What do you get
when you combine one of the world’s greatest museums and one of the world’s
greatest bike cultures? You get the bike path that goes through the

The bike path is actually a tunnel that
runs through the museum, separating galleries and serving as a shortcut across
the city
. While this unique bike path gets numerous cool points from cyclists,
Rijksmuseum board members aren’t so psyched about it. At least, they weren’t

Cycling through the Rijksmuseum tunnel

During the museum’s 10-year closure for
renovation, the museum
entrance was moved to the center of the building, which is in the tunnel, and
next to the bike path.  For the safety of tourists, who may not understand
that in Holland the ubiquitous bike is almighty and cyclists will not hesitate
to run over anyone in their path – even the oblivious tourist – museum
officials decided that they bike lane would not be reopened.

Cycling through the Rijksmuseum tunnel

This decision
caused uproar amongst the residents of Amsterdam, but in the end the city council
voted to reopen the path.

Glass walls of the Rijksmuseum bike tunnel give riders a view into the musuem
Photo credit: Jonathan Maus

The path has
glass walls give riders a view into the museum as they pass under the vaulted
ceiling. What a fun way to see a museum!