Paris, France (via Lonely Planet)

the season for making lists and checking them twice. Travel publications make lists of desirable destinations, while we check the lists twice (at least) to dream
about where we want to go, and if our favorite places make the list, give
commentary regarding their ranking. Like I’m going to do right now.

year Condé Nast Traveler asks its readers and fellow travelers to not only rate
the world’s best cities, but also the best hotels, islands, airlines, and
cruise lines. However, it’s always the list of cities – with its surprise
inclusions and exclusions – that ruffles the most feathers. 
Prague, Czech Republic
There were plenty
of cities that I’ve visited and really liked, loved even on the list, including
Budapest, Vienna and Prague, the cities I visited on my tour
of Central Europe
, which were ranked 2, 7 and 15 respectively.
Budapest, Hungary

However, seeing
Paris ranked 22nd of 25 was almost enough to make me completely
disregard the list. Have these readers ever been to Paris?! And how is
Charleston, South Carolina the only US city on the list and ranked 5 overall?!
While I’ve never been to Charleston, I have been to New York and Los Angeles
and Chicago and Washington, DC and New Orleans and, seriously, Charleston makes
the list and these cities didn’t? AND it’s ranked higher than Paris? My
feathers are completely ruffled over that.

may have gotten the shafted from Condé Nast Traveler, but it tops the list of
cities on the Lonely Planet Best of Travel 2014, thus making the Lonely Planet
rankings the ones I’d most likely refer to. In addition to being happy that
Paris was properly ranked, I was glad to see Cape
on the list and Riga, especially since I’m going there in a few weeks
for the Christmas market.
Lion's Head in Cape Town, South Africa

entertaining and dream-inducing as both these lists and the list of
46 places NY Times said I needed to go to in 2013 are, the only one I’m
concerned with is the
one I’ve compiled for myself
, which includes a destination that I’ll be crossing
off the list in the weeks to come.
Which of the places on the list have you been or want
to go?

Photo credit: Lonely Planet