“May my legend prosper and thrive. I wish it a long and happy life.” With her classic designs still featured prominently and The Chanel Legend: An Exhibition By The Draiflessen Collection now on display at the Gemeeentemuseum Den Haag, I think it is safe to say that Coco Chanel’s wish has
come true.

The exhibition includes a range of items from the iconic fashion house, including Chanel suits, rare designs from the 1920s and ‘30s, a stunning
selection of costume jewelry and an original 1921 bottle of Chanel No. 5, flown in on a private jet from Grasse.


The iconic Chanel suit
Original Chanel designs for the 1920's and 30's
Chanel accessories

In addition to recognizing the incomparable fashion, The Chanel Legend celebrates the lady herself, with many of Chanel’s personal affects, such as her photos and one of her signature hats,
also on display.


Coco Chanel

Here’s a look at the exhibition, narrated by quotes from the legend herself:

“A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”

Bottle of Chanel No. 5 from 1921

“Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them

Chanel Costume Jewelry
Chanel Costume Jewelry
Chanel costume jewelry

“I imposed black; it is still going strong today, for black wipes out everything
else around”

LBD from 1920's
Chanel and the garment she made so famous


“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”
Karl Lagerfeld designs for Chanel




Before leaving the exhibition, visitors are encouraged to don an authentic Chanel jacket and pose for a picture in the specially equipped photo studio, which they must then obviously post to their favorite social media site with
the hashtag #ChanelForEveryone.
Wearing a classic Chanel jacket
I posted mine on Instagram, Twitter and
Facebook, if you want to give it a LIKE or RETWEET (subtle, aren’t I?).
The Chanel Legend


The exhibition ends February 2, 2014. Visit the website for more information.