I’m back with some of my favorite travel tips, and this time around and the topic is travel necessities no travelista should live without. Here are the things that are always in my limited edition Rimowa Tapos Stealth suitcase.

When traveling, you are on the move, and it’s hard to move without the right shoes. For me the right shoes are comfortable enough to allow me to walk around all day exploring the city, don’t leave blisters or have your dogs barking at the end of the day, and are cute. Comfort does not have to mean
, nor does it have to equate to the dreaded white sneakers that are the identifying mark of the traveling American.
The lug sole boots that were comfortable and kept my feet warm and dry while walking around the Christmas market in snowy Tallinn and the wedge sandals I rocked for a full day at Universal Studios Hollywood are the proof I offer up that cute and comfortable are not mutually exclusive.
Seeing that I’m on a quest to run the world, travel equals running for me, so running shoes fall into the travel necessity category. I can’t very well run the Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes , take a running tour of London or just run through the neighborhoods of whichever city I happen to visiting at the time without my running shoes, can I?

Earplugs are also a travel necessity for me. I’ve had my sleep interrupted by enough church bells, minarets, snoring roommates, overzealous lovers and crying children (not my own) to know I’m better off leaving home without my American Express card than without my earplugs.

No matter the season, destination or temperature, I always take a sweater and/or wrap with me. One reason is because I am always cold, so that pretty much makes it a must for me. Another reason is to have protection against the air conditioning that is often on full blast on trains and airplanes, and inside buildings and museums in destinations where it is sweltering outside. Sweaters and wraps are also good to have in the event I need to cover bare arms to go into a church and mosque.
Though I mostly travel with my family, I sometimes travel alone, as do many other travelistas I know. When traveling alone, whether domestically or internationally or even in your own city, one of the most important travel necessities is common sense. I try to be aware of my surroundings, take
precautions with my valuables (purses, jewelry, etc), educate myself regarding the social norms of the place I’m traveling to and behave accordingly.
What are YOUR travel
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