know how when you have something on your mind and then you see it everywhere?
That is the part of your brain called the Reticulation Activation System doing
its job, which is to help you notice certain things. Right now, my
Reticulation Activation System (RAS) is working overtime!

on my mind is my upcoming trip to Marrakesh. It seemed that from the moment
arrangements were confirmed, I noticed something about Morocco at every turn. Going
through the January 2013 edition of Food & Wine magazine, I came across an
article about Marrakesh food and design, featuring Moroccan chef Mourad Lahlou and American designer and blogger Maryam

A few days later, while wandering around Univeral
Studio’s Islands of Adventure
, I was treated to a little preview of Morocco.
Tucked in between the cartoonish Seuss Landing and the magical Wizarding World
of Harry Potter is the Lost Continent, the island where the attractions
Poseidon’s Fury and the Eighth Voyage of Sinbad Stunt Show can be found. 
area also includes Sinbad’s Bazaar and a Middle Eastern marketplace, just like
what I hope to encounter in Marrakesh.
Why the Middle East is considered a “lost
continent” at Islands of Adventure, and associated with the likes of Atlantis
and Greek gods, I’ll never know. What I do know is that but for my RAS being
in full effect, the Lost Continent, with its lack luster attractions, would
have been lost on me as well, and I probably would have blindly passed through
the area on the way to the Wizarding World of Harry, as do most people.
Photo credit: Heather La Flame

Are there suddenly more pins of Marrakesh on
Pinterest? Is everyone posting pictures of Morocco on Instagram? Is the Travel Channel doing a series on the Middle East? Or is it all just some cosmic coinkidink? 

Not at all.
It’s just my imagination running away with me, and allowing me to enjoy Marrakesh
just a little bit longer.
Which destination is your RAS constantly bringing
to mind?

Photo credits: Google Images, Pinterest and Monique Rubin