Oh, the places you’ll go this year if you let list of 46 places to go in 2013, compiled by the New York Times be your travel guide. 46 places, huh? That means if I started this week – the 3rd week of 2013 –
I could go to a different place every week, leaving 3 weeks for me to make the millions of dollars I would need to finance the trip.

But seriously, it’s a great
list, and while I hope to one day explore many more of the places named, I have
been fortunate enough to have traveled to, and even live, in several of the
Amsterdam is set to have a
big year in 2013. In addition making it into the top 10 of the list, the city
is celebrating a series of special milestones, including the 400th
anniversary of Amsterdam’s canal ring, 175 years of the Artis Royal Zoo and 125
years of the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Planning on
traveling to Amsterdam this year? Be sure to check out my tips on things
to do in Amsterdam over on y Travel blog.
been to Istanbul
twice now, and after the last visit I can proudly say that I
run it
The oldest of the Nordic capitals, Oslo is breathtakingly beautiful and offered more parks, recreational activities castles and intriguing Viking history then we could take in in the short period we were there. 
My family and I had a wonderful time in Oslo
when we visited a couple of years ago, and I would definitely recommend it.

We also got a bit of Viking in history when we went to Ireland. During our visit to Dublin we took the Viking Splash Tour, considered by many, the little ladies included, to be the best tour in Dublin. I have to admit, it was pretty fun.

Mr. Man would probably give
the “best tour in Dublin” title to the Guinness
Storehouse tour
, where he got to sample the product and learned to pour the
perfect pint.
I was very happy to see that Washington, DC, where I lived for a few years and return to often, made the
list. It is my opinion that DC is one of the prettiest cities ever, and with
countless museums, monuments, entertainment, restaurants, and more, it is
everything a capital city should be. 
I was also glad to see Paris
on the list, though at surprised at its low ranking (last). How can that be?
I’ve gone to the city on a romantic rendezvous, family holiday,
and on my own, and I have never been anything but awed and
delighted by the city. There’s no way it should be last!
How many of the places listed do you want to go to in 2013?