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Eva Simons came on the scene in 2004 as the winner of the Dutch reality TV show Popstars.  However it wasn’t until 2009 when she first registered on the international radar with the dance hit Silly Boy. The song, which alluded to the domestic abuse scandal between Rihanna and Chris Brown, generated over 10 million hits, and became one of the most listened to online tracks of 2009.
These days, Simons, a classically trained musician, with daring fashion sense and a flaming
red mohawk
, is known the world over for her dance hits, including the 2010 chart-topper “Take Over
” featuring DJ Afrojack. Simons has also lent her vocals to songs by the group LMFAO, and is currently topping the charts as the featured vocalist on the single “This Is Love“. I had the
pleasure of talking with Eva and she happily shared with me where the music takes her*.


Q: Tell me about a favorite destination and what you love about it.
A: New York. I love that the people are so open-minded. It reminds me of Amsterdam in that everyone does their own thing and no one cares. Live and let live. 

Q: Where have you performed that had the most memorable audience and what made them
A: Switzerland. The night before a performance I went to a club and noticed that the DJ had a call and answer interaction going with the audience that I thought I’d try in my performance. The next night I followed his idea and the audience went wild! They were so into it. It was a great show!
Q: What place inspires your creativity and what about it inspires you?
A: Definitely Tokyo. That’s where I got the inspiration for my hair. It is a very cool place. When you’re there,
you feel like you’re so cool and that so much is happening. You can do or be anything.
Q: Where do you go to relax?

A: I go to the studio. For me to relax, I need to clear my mind and the studio is the place where I can get everything out.
Q: American Express used to have an ad that said “don’t leave home without it”. What is the thing you never leave home without when you travel?

A: I never leave home without my laptop. All of my music programs are on it. It’s my portable studio. And of
course hairspray.
Q: Carry-on or carry all?
A: Carry all.
Q: What is your greatest travel luxury? 

A: My Rimowa suitcase. It’s indestructible. 

Q: What destination is at the top of your “must go to” list? 

A: Brazil. The people there are so beautiful. I have a lot of Brazilian followers on Twitter. The people
look like they’re having fun and celebrating life. I have to go. Maybe for carnival…

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