We have finally returned, recuperated and regrouped after the international, intercontinental whirlwind of travel that was An Unstoppable Journey Summer. After several weeks of travel via planes, trains and automobiles with kids, there are a few things I can say that I know for sure regarding maintaining your sanity and sense of humor while traveling and enjoying the journey.

 1. When doing a roadtrip, detours are good. Make a stop at the kids play area at the roadside fast food restaurant, the small grassy area at next to the roadside picnic area, even the outlet mall.  If your kids are anything like mine, the outlet mall will cause them to moan a bit, but walking around, even if it is against their will, is a way for them to get some of the ya-yas out, while you (hopefully) score a deal or two.
2. My little ladies are great travelers but eating differently than when at home, being in different time zones, even the actual act of traveling wreaks havoc on their digestive system. So I’m always prepared with something to remedy the situation, like Culterelle Kids*. This probiotic supplement not only provides ongoing maintenance for a healthy digestive tract, but helps reduce digestive upset caused by too much cotton candy, and ice cream and pizza…
3. Things go smoother when I have a plan. It’s not necessary to have every second of everyday mapped out, but it is good to have some firm plans.
However, since I have a tendency to try to do and see as much as possible while traveling, I had to make a conscious effort not to over-schedule us and to factor in a few days where we slowed down the pace.
The little ladies wearing Hedbanz.
Stop to smell the roses, literally. Or look at the sunflowers. Go collect seashells or pretty rocks on the beach. Or stay in and enjoy a rousing game of Hedbanz.
4. Inflight, in-car, in-train entertainment is a must. The long plane ride was the perfect time to watch those movies I never took the time or to go see. When the scenery began to get monotonous during the train rides was the perfect time to fire up the iPad and catch
up on some of my favorite shows
or get lost in that book that’s been gathering dust on the nightstand, and podcasts, audio books and singing at the top of our lungs to our favorite tunes helped make those hours in the car fly by.
Make sure that all your electronics are charged and you have extra battery packs, chargers, or whatever you need to stay juiced up during the journey. I know for sure that it sucks when your entertainment dies when you’re only half way there.
What tips do you have for
making travel fun and enjoying the journey?

* I was compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.