While getting there is supposed to be half the fun, that’s not always the case. There are plenty of obstacles I encounter along the way that can diminish my traveling joy.  Here are my Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves:

1. Airlines War on Families
War might be a bit extreme, but it’s hard not to feel that the family-hating policies implemented by airlines are an attack on families who travel.  Since I travel with my family,  not allowing families to board first and not being guaranteed seats together really bug me.

Travel can be expensive and the practice by some airlines of charging for window and aisles seats seems directly targeted at families since it is often the only way families can guarantee that they will be seated together, and will make a trip for a family of four, like mine, that more expensive.

2. Applauding When Pilot Lands 
Isn’t a pilot supposed to safely land the plane? Isn’t that a major part of the job description? So unless a flight nearly crashed, or there was an emergency landing or other near disaster, applauding seems kind of insulting.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the pilot executing a safe landing at destination, and show it by saying “thank you” when exiting the plane.


3. Hotels Charging For Wifi 
And what’s even worse than hotels that don’t offer free wifi to guests are those that still have Ethernet cables in the rooms. Really?!

Hotels take note: modern travelers have smart phones and tablets and need free wifi, not antiquated Ethernet cables.


4. Travelers Talking Loudly
I just love people on trains who talk loudly on phones, or whose conversation with their neighbor can be heard by everyone, don’t you? Not!

While I understand the need to reach out and touch someone and wish for everyone to enjoy the company of their traveling companion, I also wish that travelers, myself included, would remember please be considerate of other travelers.
I fear that the increasing popularity of apps to match people with compatible seatmates on airplanes will make this worse.


5. Disrupting Worship Service
Houses of worship all over the world happily welcome tourists, but does it have to be during the service? I’ve been on tours that take you through churches while a service was taking place and was astounded by the people in the group who talk, use their flash when taking pictures, don’t cover themselves properly and just behave badly overall.

Is it too much to ask that we put our tourist tendencies aside and be respectful while in a church or mosque or temple

Do any of these make your list?
What are your top travel pet peeves?