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Like billions of other people, I’m looking forward to the Olympics. Who doesn’t enjoy watching incredible athletes
who have trained their entire lives
, embody the Olympic
motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger), making and breaking
records in the process?

I’ve mentioned before that my reasons for enjoying the
summer Olympics are sentimental because it was after watching the 1992 games
that I started running (
did I just date myself?). I have yet to achieve that awesome physique the
sprinters have, which is what prompted me to lace up my first pair of running shoes
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Then again, I’m not running at that speed or training at that intensity,
am I? Nonetheless, here’s to the US track and field team. Best of luck!
Since marathons are more my “speed”, I’m also cheering
for the lady marathoners. It would be nice to see a runner from the US bring
home a medal in this event, but I’ll be rooting for Diane Nukuri-Johnson, a
marathoner from the east African country Burundi.
Why am I rooting for Nukuri-Johnson,
you ask?
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 I immediately noticed the proud,
regal-looking black woman serving as her country’s flag bearer during the
opening ceremonies. When the commentator announced that Nukuri-Johnson would be
running the marathon, I liked her even more. I’ve also discovered that, like
me, she is an expat, living and training in the US where she went to college.
Finding out that she’s an expat makes me
feel like my honing in on her isn’t quite so random. Not that there’s anything
wrong with random.  Random is how I started running in the first place, right?
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I’ve also gotta show some love for
Holland, so I’m supporting the swimmers. The Dutch have this thing with the
water, and swimming is big here, you know, with the country being below sea
level and all.
I’m also cheering for Serena Williams in
tennis. She is amazing, in my opinion. So whenever and wherever she plays, as
long as she plays, I’ll cheer for her.
Good luck to all the athletes in London!
Who are you cheering for? What are your
favorite Olympic sports?
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