You will always remember where you where. What you were doing.  I was sitting in my living room heavily pregnant indulging in my daily delight: Showbiz Today on CNN. The show is interrupted with news about the 1st tower on fire. In the midst of trying to digest it all, to grasp what is happening, the 2nd plane crashes into tower. I literally cannot believe my eyes. It's like watching one of those summer action flicks.
I mourned with the world for all the lives lost. I also mourned for the life I was carrying. The world had changed. Color-coded terrorist threat warnings. Religious intolerance. Wars and rumors of war. All in time for the birth of my first child.
I watched some of the 9/11 memorials that were on television this weekend with Miss P, the baby that was in my belly that day, including The Flight That Fought Back. She asks could that happen to a plane we're on. “No”, I say “that's why we go through all that crazy security”.  She quietly watches a little longer before saying “I can’t believe that really happened”. “Neither can I”, I reply. Neither can I.
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